WHPK Presents: Chris Corsano at Hallowed Grounds

WHPK is proud to present a spring concert of free improvisation and experimental music.

This event will be located at the "Hallowed Grounds" coffee shop at University of Chicago.

We are delighted to feature CHRIS CORSANO as the headlining performer. Chris has been playing freely improvised percussion for a while now, and has collaborated with many other artists such as C. Spencer Yeh, Paul Flaherty, and Evan Parker

Chris Riggs and Brian Labyscz are two local musicians who have delved extensively in to the manipulation of instruments for the purposes of expanding their sound palette. Chris plays a prepared guitar outfitted with many springs, strings, rods, and other oddities. Brian makes extensive use of patching wires in his extensive modular synthesizer.

Tholian Web are UChicago-affiliated experimentalists Eric Hanss and Dan Wyche. Analog synthesizers and guitar pedals will abound.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity! Come at 8PM to the Hallowed Grounds!
This event is FREE and open to the Public!

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