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7:00 am Androids Dream of Electric Beats dispatch from the Kaiser Mediocre Vibrations Derrick's Zone Schnitzel Boogie
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8:00 am Jazz Kicker's Den
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9:00 am Morning Jazz
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The Laws of Jazz
9:30 am
10:00 am radio death cult vigilantism coffee sun frisky till 10 @willikes
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there is no there there
Disco No Disco Mishmash Radio Zero Music from the South Side of the World Jammin John's Merri-Go-Round Jazz Rapp with the Impressario Al Carter-Bey
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Richard's Show
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11:30 am The Shape I'm In
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1:00 pm A.L.L. Sports Roots Revival Fridays Urban Aspirations Journey Into Jazz
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What Is This Thing Called Jazz?
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2:00 pm Live Talk
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The Speakeasy
The Ministry of Truth Calypso Cavalcade
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3:00 pm Renaissance Radio
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We're All Dying: A Show About Care
The Groks Science Show
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The People’s Radio
Gateway to Brazil
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4:00 pm Teen Talk Radio Theatre Voces de la Canción Mexicana Audio Almanac Radio Salsa Clásica / El Tornado Tropical Soca Diner Jazz for Dessert
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Straight Ahead Jazz
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5:00 pm A Feast of Irish Folk Chicago Is the World Found Around Town Rendezvous Afrika Afro-Caribbean Connections
5:30 pm Music Around the World
6:00 pm Relentless Reggae rainbow quest Boppin’ with Bob
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From the Subway to the Street Corner
6:30 pm Zoundz!
7:00 pm Jazz Port Crossroads: Where Jazz Meets Blues
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The Jazz Supreme Show Friday Focus Show The Blues Excursion
7:30 pm Sitting in the Park
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9:00 pm The Evil Show The Folk Show CTA Radio The Dusties Party Pure Hype Souled and New
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10:00 pm Radio Dada Underground Dance Show
10:30 pm The Essence
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The Lake Shore Drive radio show
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