Shows: Public Affairs

What would radio be without news and views? These DJs and personalities bring you the sort of oft-overlooked opinions and happenings you’ve come to expect from WHPK.


Start Stop Show DJ  
2:00pm 4:00pm

Live Talk

Darian Esco invites you to discuss issues that affect humans at community as well as global levels, while attempting to transition thinking from ill to well.
Darian Esco
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The Speakeasy

Tune in to The Speakeasy to hear Lamont Rone hold court on topics including, but definitely not limited to, Fantasy Football, father’s rights, and financial advice. For the latest on current events, sports, music, cooking, fighting, Chicago culture, and more, listen every other Monday at 3pm on WHPK.
Lamont Rone
4:00pm 5:00pm

Teen Talk Radio Theatre

Teen Talk Radio Theatre is a dramatized talk show where listeners enter into dialogue on the right and wrong moral choices confronting characters in radio dramas written by teens concerning everyday problems. This show is a forum that allows for a constructive environment where teens can share ideas, vent concerns, hear diverse opinions and learn from interviews with guests and experts who share similar experiences.
Masequa Myers
& Pemon Rami


3:00pm 4:00pm

Renaissance Radio

Renaissance Radio is a program designed to encompass the multifaceted nature of Chicago's burgeoning artistic scene and diverse community perspectives. The program aims to hone in on three general areas; 1) local artistry, 2) youth focused and produced programming, and 3) health and wellness conversations. Each week will rotate news and other relevant issue-based content with street interviews, polls, local artistry and testimonies that invoke a larger dialogue around moving Chicago communities forward. The show will also provide tools and tips on living well and sharing truths so that listeners can move beyond listening and create meaningful change in their lives.
Elisha Hall
& Dr. Gregory Hall
& June Norfleet
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We're All Dying: A Show About Care

If we are all dying, why should anyone care, and then, about what? Every week Rachel Ellison invites guests who are active in their communities or passionate about a specific topics. Arguments as to how we might make things better for the next generation will be made every other Wednesday at 3pm only on WHPK 88.5.
Rachel Ellison


3:00pm 4:00pm

The Groks Science Show

The Groks Science Show investigates topics in science and technology. Each show features a roundup of current science news, interviews with scientists, technologists, and science authors. Also included are fun science facts!
Forest Gulden
& Elise Covic
& Chenan Zhang
& Samantha Thomas
& Thomas Stewart
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The People’s Radio

Join Southside Together Organizing for Power (STOP) for programs covering the latest issues in the struggle for Human Rights and racial and economic justice on the south side of Chicago from the perspectives of tenants and organizers on the ground, in the struggle.
& Alan Thomas
& Matt Ginsberg-Jaeckle
& Marcus Gill


12:00pm 1:00pm


Live longform interviews with strong young voices reshaping the culture of our city and country for the more equitable and more creative.
Damon Williams
& Daniel Kisslinger
1:00pm 2:00pm

ALL Show

Chicago is a sports city and ALL Sports with Allen L. Linton II is a Chicago sport's talk show. Tune in for engaging discussions of sports issues and off the field. Sports clichés meet sabermetrics. We love our teams but hate publicly financed stadiums. Listeners can always call the show to bring their ideas, questions, and attitude. More analysis, fewer hot takes.
Allen L. Linton II
2:00pm 4:00pm

The Ministry of Truth

The Ministry of Truth is a radio show of news, opinion, and information—but it’s not as dull as that might sound. Featuring headlines from The NewStandard and discussions, interviews, and/or pre-recorded music-loaded audio documentaries, it combines informative topics of key importance with a serious attitude of fun and enjoyment.
Mitchell Szczepanczyk