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WHPK was the first to bring hip-hop to the South Side’s airwaves nearly two decades ago, when other radio stations were still playing Huey Lewis and the News. Quite a few have caught on by now, but our Rap shows continue to be the best out there. DJs JP Chill, Extreme, V Funk, Kev Duce, Thaione, Pugslee Atomz and Kevin Maxey play the cutting edge of the hip-hop underground while keeping a firm grip on the old-school—all unedited and uncensored. And on Friday nights you’ll get to hear live mixes by legendary DJs from around Chicago.


Start Stop Show DJ  
9:00pm 12:00am

CTA Radio

CTA Radio started eleven years ago on a trial basis as a collaboration between KMax, Thaione Davis, & Pugs. After a few months of devoted listenership and street popularity, the show became a mainstay at the station where it was a haven for undiscovered and established local talent and an outlet for new music and classic hip-hop/rap. Pugs, Aja the Cover'It'Girl, & DJ KMax bring you playlists that includes more than just one genre. It’s possible to hear a variety of music ranging from Soul, Broken Beat, House (Progressive), Electronica, to the ‘Undefined’ category. During the course of the show, they've had the airwaves graced with interviews of legend as well as local artists. There is also a ‘rant’ or social commentary that is always open for discussion throughout the show. Topics can range from new technology/electronics to politics--local and abroad--or just random thoughts that crosses their minds. This show is definitely a weekly treat!
Pugs Atomz
& KMax
& Aja the Cover'It'Girl


10:00pm 12:00am

The Essence

& Mario
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The Lake Shore Drive radio show

Tune in to the Lake Shore Drive radio show every other friday from 10:30pm - 3am. The show fuses old school hip hop now school hip hop and new school hip hop to make a rap gumbo that is pleasing to the listeners ears. The Show is Hosted by James Earl Bonez who is a member of the legendary South Side Hip Hop group PCP Angel Dust Highruallahz. While listening to the show you will hear reggae/hiphop/r&b/PoliticalSatire. We have guest DJs and specialize in Chicago HipHop. We definately support Chicago Artist.
James Earl Bonez


9:00pm 12:00am

Independent Radio

DJ Buddy Finch
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Industry Shakedown