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Our rock DJs lose sleep staying up all night to bring you the finest rock and roll on the planet. You’ll hear every genre, sub-genre, and passing fancy spun by our rock DJs—from punk, hardcore, pop, prog-rock, krautrock, acid-folk, psych, and goth to space rock, new wave, no wave, noise rock, art rock, glam rock, metal, power electronics, and just plain old classic rock.

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Start Stop Show DJ  
12:00am 2:00am

House of Brutal

feed us fetus fajitas Porque mi estomago no es bueno
Leonid & Alex et al
2:00am 4:00am


This is the place to score black market buprenorphine, a partial opioid agonist used as an alternative to methadone maintenance treatment. It is best administered under the care of a certified physician, but we know that's all a racket anyway. 2 for $10, 1 for $8
Brandon W
4:00am 6:00am

Shanghaied on the Merzboat

Description: Max Thrill presents Untitled.
Max Thrill
6:00am 8:00am

Aurum, Auri, n.

stay gold, Ponyboy
Jason Gold
8:00am 10:00am

Someone Send Help

rickrolling 24/7/365
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The Harris School of Public Policy

Chicago Harris sets the standard for effective public policy leadership. We evaluate policy options based on evidence first, then consider implementation in the real world. No other school shares our commitment to shaping policy in this way. We take great pride in our approach. Our students develop the intellectual tools to tackle the most challenging social, educational, and economic issues facing our world. Harris faculty routinely break ground—and preconceptions—with their research on a wide array of topics including energy, health care, crime, inequality, and early childhood development. Effective policy leaders combine insight, analysis, creativity, and communication. Prepare yourself to lead.
Dylan H
10:00am 12:00pm

Disco No Disco

Sometimes you'll hear disco and sometimes you won't
Sasha KT


12:00am 2:00am

Never Come Morning

"The Most Unpleasant Two Hours in Radio"
Andrew F
2:00am 4:00am

Polka Dot Goebbels

Much like the famous artists of which he is an experimental test-tube spawn, Jackson Pollock and Philip Roth, Jackson Roth demonstrates a consistent fascination with paint splatters and the National Socialist Party. Throughout his career as community radio deejay, Jackson Roth has brazenly defied the conventions normally expected of public figures, such as common human decency and a respect for FCC regulations. His single-minded focus on Nazis and modern art has polarized the WHPK community. Some admire his obsession with the Nazi propaganda minister, while simultaneously being disturbed by his enthusiasm for completely monochrome canvases and art made out of public mens room toilet seats. Jackson Roth is at once an inspiration to the lunatic fringe and a hideous social pariah, despised by people who prefer not to wear socks with sandals. Where does your opinion fall when it comes to Jackson Roth? Listen to Polka Dot Goebbels on WHPK to find out.
4:00am 6:00am

Computer Mediated Communication (CMC)

"The lack of social cues in CMC has been found to have a depersonalizing effect. While text-based communication eliminates audio and visual cues, there are other methods for adding emotion. Emoticons, or emotional icons, can be used to display various types of emotions. A smiley face [for example] might reassure the recipient of a message—or be interpreted as sarcasm."
6:00am 8:00am

w(aka) eggs over easy

roll over, hit that snooze, daybreak is momentary
8:00am 10:00am

radio death cult vigilantism coffee sun frisky till 10 @willikes

radio death cult vigilantism coffee sun frisky till 10 @willikes
DJ spiffy
& DJ Father Christmas
10:00am 12:00pm

Suburban Deathwish

Jon Kyl. Jon Kyll. Kyll. Kill. Kill. Kill kill kill
12:00pm 3:00pm

The Track Master Scott Show II

EDM show is for listeners of the following: from infants to the elders. Music is EDM for "electronic dance music" or "electronic drum machines." Music is rated TMS for "Track Master Scott" and everything is recorded for a live show.
'Track Master' Scott


1:00am 2:30am


Taking his cue from such conservative visionaries as Robert A. Heinlein and Milton Friedman, Rob S-F boldly intersperses his dissonant and frankly unpleasant tunes with short passages read aloud from Ayn Rand's magnum opus "Atlas Shrugged," pre-recorded and played backwards at double speed to maximize the subconscious absorption of his message of greed, cruelty, and glorious moral bankruptcy.
Rob S-F
2:30am 4:00am

The Second Best New Show

I went down yesterday to the Piraeus with Glaucon the son of Ariston, that I might offer up my prayers to the goddess; and also because I wanted to see in what manner they would celebrate the festival, which was a new thing. I was delighted with the procession of the inhabitants; but that of the Thracians was equally, if not more, beautiful.
& Miles
4:00am 6:00am

Padishah Emperor Paul Muad'Dib

The sleeper must awaken.
6:00am 8:00am

Missionaria Protectiva

I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing....only I will remain.
8:00am 10:00am

consider doing nothing

people! of the universe!! go forth and thrash!!!
Juliet Helldread
10:00am 12:00pm


4'33" is the only good song ever written
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Dripping Dream

bad moon / candy colored clown / outer space, in reality, is different than expected / dream house / night time / empty shore / Harry Potter and the Forgotten Nightmare
Cameron Day


12:00am 2:00am

The Garden

and the rib bone's connected to the
Chieftain Eden
2:00am 4:00am

"Barron" Harkonnen's Slave Boy

Home Sweet Giedi Prime
Addie the Shred Barron
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The Best New Show

Oasis. Just all the Oasis you could possibly imagine. You probably haven't listened to over 6 consecutive minutes of Oasis in your life. You're about to listen to 60. You might think "but DJ P3FUN, you can only play 3 tracks off the same album and 4 from a band in a single hour, that's FCC law!" To that thought I respond - what is the FCC going to do when I pull out these hype live Oasis bootlegs with 42-minute versions of Rock 'n' Roll Star? Nothing. There will be Wonderwall every show.
4:00am 6:00am

Joe the Plumber

Representing good solid conservative American heartland values in this Babylon called Chicago.
Joe Chill Tree
6:00am 8:00am

Some Velvet Morning

wake up with weirdo music of all sorts, every Thursday 6 - 8 AM
Buzzkill Brown
8:00am 10:00am

Derrick's Zone

Derrick da Deacon
10:00am 12:00pm

Radio Zero

Explore the wide world of rock and roll on Radio Zero, Thursday mornings from ten to noon. It's a place where Darby Crash is Elvis, and vice versa.
» Web site
Mike O’F


12:00am 2:00am

Wok n Roll Suicide

Celebrating Hyde Park's finest Chinese restaurant plus David Bowie.
2:00am 4:00am

Chi City Funk

Come get Funked Up with TP Corleone (Savior of da Funk) as he plays the funkiest, stankiest music on the airwaves. Fresh interviews, DJ Mixes and all thangs funky...Come get your funky fix on the Chi City Funk Show..where everything is on the ONE!...Can U Dig It Doe?!?!
4:00am 6:00am

The Track Master Scott Show

EDM show is for listeners of the following: from infants to the elders. Music is EDM for "electronic dance music" or "electronic drum machines." Music is rated TMS for "Track Master Scott" and everything is recorded for a live show.
'Track Master' Scott
6:00am 8:00am

Combine Honnete Ober Advancer Mercantiles (CHOAM)

The Spice Must Flow
8:00am 10:00am

Radical Individualism

I'll mostly play rock, but sometimes I'll read excerpts from my Cormac McCarthy/Aquaman slashfic.
Dylan West (no relation)
9:00pm 10:30pm

Pure Hype

Live rock ’n’ roll! Listen to some of today's best fresh bands from the Chicago area and beyond before they get swallowed up in the mainstream, as they play on-air in our record library.
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& Rob S-F