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Our rock DJs lose sleep staying up all night to bring you the finest rock and roll on the planet. You’ll hear every genre, sub-genre, and passing fancy spun by our rock DJs—from punk, hardcore, pop, prog-rock, krautrock, acid-folk, psych, and goth to space rock, new wave, no wave, noise rock, art rock, glam rock, metal, power electronics, and just plain old classic rock.

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12:00am 3:00am

House of Brutal

Screw college radio. Punch a fist in the sphincter you call your face. Kill yourself, rape your cat, eat a cheeseburger hail satan. Tune in to the House of House Mondays 12am-2am
Leonid & Alex et al
3:00am 7:00am

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7:00am 9:00am


Beginner's Mind
Sophia A
9:00am 12:00pm

- Original Release / The Body Electric / WHPK88.5FM / WEB

Tags: experimental [∧]20[∨] house [∧]13[∨] techno [∧]88[∨] hip.hop [∧].5[∨]


12:00am 3:00am

Up Your Thrash-Hole

Eden brings an eclectic mix of thrash, thrash, and more thrash to wake you up the right way: bleeding from both ears. Heavy Metal has been concentrated, distilled, and squeezed into two hours of pure audio wreckage that is guaranteed to make you punch someone in the face.
Chieftain Eden
3:00am 7:00am

The Track Master Scott Show

EDM show is for listeners of the following: from infants to the elders. Music is EDM for "electronic dance music" or "electronic drum machines." Music is rated TMS for "Track Master Scott" and everything is recorded for a live show.
'Track Master' Scott
7:00am 9:00am

consider doing nothing

people! of the universe!! go forth and thrash!!!
Juliet Helldread
9:00am 12:00pm

One Crumpy Creepette Caucus

I'd like to spend these starlit hours effusing a little about discipline, and grace. Spice is nice but you've got to think about the whole picture, can't count on apathy, I strut from the dining room to the kitchen and back on the airwaves like every last ant in the hill, all the supes out there (hey pal that's quick for supernaturals... for those of you who live under a meteor dent) are watching my every last move, lingering on each BlllleepBLeepBLOOOOOP like they'll never hear electric again. Disclaimer: This radio show will feature a ghost writer.


1:00am 3:00am

alternative musics

new age, noise, black metal, and minimalism. music for outsiders.
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garage shoe gaze psychedelic surf dubstep take a lude and relax
3:00am 7:00am

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7:00am 9:00am

The Sonic Synopticon

Calling from Amsterdam, collect of course, we turn towards the light and find ourselves awash in sounds of Pretty Things and Funky Drummers. You shouldn’t waste the day on the same old music, for these are sounds you’ve heard before, but instead delight in the new and the old and the unfamiliar.
DJ Polish
9:00am 12:00pm

Strong Feelings

"Let us return to imperfection's school / No longer wandering after Plato's ghost, / Seeking the garden where all fruit is flawless, / We must at last renounce that ultimate blue / And take a walk in other kinds of weather. / The sourest apple makes its wry announcement / That imperfection has a certain tang / Maybe we shouldn't turn our pockets out / To the last crumb or lingering bit of fluff / But all we can confess of what we are / Has in it the defeat of isolation-- / If not our own then someone's, anyway". ( jangly rangly spine-tinglers and thigh-clenchers. dance like babies do.late sundays 4-6am )
Hannah C.


12:00am 3:00am

Hi , Is there anyway I can insert a "baby foot" on facebook? I am Pro- LIFE, and would like to put the baby foot symbol in my username. Thanks and blessings!
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Stereo Sanctity

Spinning sonic pop tunes of the dreamy, noisy, and freaky variety. Tune in or stay noided!
3:00am 7:00am

Off-Air Period

7:00am 9:00am

Derrick's Zone

Derrick da Deacon
9:00am 12:00pm

Radio Zero

“There’s a guitar leaning on a Marshall stack / Used to sound like the sun on the horizon / Now I think we’ve been had.” Does this describe you? If so, we’re very sorry. Maybe you ought to listen to Radio Zero. Your hosts play the best in Transgressive Pop and Gestalt Rock.
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Mike O’F


12:00am 3:00am

Chi City Funk

Come get Funked Up with TP Corleone (Savior of da Funk) as he plays the funkiest, stankiest music on the airwaves. Fresh interviews, DJ Mixes and all thangs funky...Come get your funky fix on the Chi City Funk Show..where everything is on the ONE!...Can U Dig It Doe?!?!
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Total Ass 3

Assent to the Asstral Plane
Cameron Day
3:00am 7:00am

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7:00am 10:00am

look at this rock i found

I didn't steal this music, I found it!
9:00pm 10:30pm

Pure Hype

Live rock ’n’ roll! Listen to some of today's best fresh bands from the Chicago area and beyond before they get swallowed up in the mainstream, as they play on-air in our record library.
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& Rob S-F